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The Spectrum Approach

Spectrum’s Mission

Our goal at Spectrum Sports Academy is to produce a generation of leaders unwavering in their commitment to excellence. The Academy offers options for all athletes to experience sport in an environment appropriate to their level of skill and experience.

Spectrum Sports Academy will develop, challenge and support athletes in their quest to deliver their best in athletics, academics and life.

At Spectrum Sports Academy it is our mission to provide an environment that encourages the efficient development of an athlete’s mind and body, placing the athlete in a better position to achieve success in sport and in life.  We recognize the value of the life lessons that can be learned in the athletic arena.  Each athlete will have aspirations and capabilities unique to them.  Some will reach their goals in sport, and some will not, but the lessons learned in working with purpose toward those goals will have application throughout their lives.

The Team at Spectrum will help the athletes understand the role that they play in a team environment.  We will enlighten them on what a coach is looking for from an athlete, what their teammates expect, and how they can set themselves apart in a practice environment.  We will help them to connect with the importance of sportsmanship.  We will help them understand the importance of dealing with success with humility, and provide them tools for dealing with failure effectively.

Tournaments at Spectrum will be hosted in a manner that encourages good sportsmanship from players, coaches and fans.  Our tournaments will be run using formats that will align teams with like competitors.  Referees will be certified high school and college refs.  Our facility will be clean, concessions will be good, and the tournaments well run.

Regardless of the reason that you deal with Spectrum, it is our goal that you leave with the feeling that you cannot wait to return!