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The Academy

At Spectrum Sports Academy, there is a program that is appropriate for athletes at any level!


    • Discover – Designed to introduce a sport to a novice
    • Develop – Skills and techiques to help an athlete compete
    • Refine – Advanced skills applications for the experienced athlete

Whether our student is a youngster that has never experienced the joy of sport, an aspiring athlete that needs to develop the skills and knowledge necessary to compete, or an advanced athlete looking to take their game to the next level, Spectrum Sports Academy has a program and approach to address your needs.

For our inexperienced students that are interested in learning about a sport, Spectrum Sports Academy offers the Discover programs. Discover programs introduce the sport in an environment focused on fun and supported by tools and techniques that make the game easier for inexperienced athletes. Progressive clinics, courses and camps help the young athletes evolve to understand the game and participate with a basic knowledge of the flow of the sport.

Within the Development portion of the Academy, Spectrum Sports Academy integrates the most advanced tools and training techniques to help athletes develop the skill set necessary to compete in their sport. Quantitative measurement of performance is used wherever possible to assess and monitor each athlete’s progress. In semi-private training athletes are grouped with athletes of similar abilities and developmental needs.

For the most experienced and competent athletes, Spectrum Sports Academy offers camps, clinics and private training in its Refine programs. These offerings are designed to integrate the athlete’s skill sets into advanced game applications. In each sport, the series of camps that are offered are progressive in nature and will afford the athlete the opportunity to “graduate” from Spectrum with a degree in their sport (or sports) of focus. Graduating with a degree will ensure that an athlete can play the game, think the game, and most importantly understand the connection between the hard work and effort necessary to excel in sport and in life!