More than just a trainer and more than just a gym.

I just wanted to thank [spectrum] for all of the time and effort [they have] put in to helping our kids progress on their baseball skills this year. [The] training has helped our kids development in numerous hitting and pitching sessions this past year. Not only did [they] help us at the Spectrum Sports Academy, but also used [the instructors] spent their own personal time and traveled out of the Roanoke area to watch us play in several tournaments. It helped us out so much that we have already signed up to a ten session weekly training for our baseball team the beginning of the “2014” season.

The Spectrum Sports Academy is an awesome training facility for not only baseball, but we play in a basketball league over there as well, and also do speed and agility training which also has an excellent training staff. The Roanoke Valley is extremely lucky to have such an awesome facility and staff to help our kids develop their skills in any sport, and we should do everything we can to support them.”

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